Sunday, March 4, 2012

About "What's Next for WoL"

As part of an unofficial research project pertaining to one of EPCOT Center's soon to be forgotten attractions, "What's Next for Wonders of Life" is basically a user driven survey project, designed for users to talk about the following - their hobbies and geographical location, their views on the Disney Parks, EPCOT Center, Future World and ultimately the Wonders of Life pavilion with regards to memorability, how they enjoyed the attraction, and whether it is worth retaining for the next generation. Information and focuses are on the following:
  • Personal details, as in which area you come from, a little about yourelf, and such. These might be used to categorise the data by attribute, but they will never be sold to any third party, ever.
  • Views on the Disney Parks, literally a litmus test to determine which parks the user has been to (based on either experience or by interest)
  • Views on EPCOT Center, another litmus test to determine if they've been to EPCOT Center (again, based on experience or interest)
  • Views on the Future World pavilions, and how you would rank them (based on your experience).
  • Views on the Wonders of Life Pavilion (the focus for the survey), how you'd rank them, as well as what would you do to improve the pavilion as a whole (including attractions)
  • Imagineering ideas if the Wonders of Life pavilion were to come back
  • What do you think of the Wonders of Life pavilion after taking the survey

Initially started as part of the Wonders of Life, Eterna blog project, this blog will be used primarily as a alternate portal to complete the survey, as well as view the results of respondents with regards to ongoing research. Rest assured, the father blogWOL4EVA will still remain open, and also as a primary outlet for Imagineering thoughts, information and even articles of amusement.
It is advisable that you remain tuned to this project as sections on given information are being constructed, and due to the nature of this project, some results may change from one visit to another. If there are any faults, please contact the blogger via the comments page, and the blog master (under the code name RabidLeroy) will contact you and help rectify any requests or problems identified.
We hope you will enjoy the study results of the project, and would like you to participate in the survey.

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